Commercial Inspections

Whether you want to purchase or lease a commercial building, it’s imperative to schedule a property inspection before signing on the dotted line. Hire a certified building inspector from Integrity Property Inspections, and we’ll empower you to make a confident decision.

Integrity Property Inspections specialize in Commercial Inspections and our property inspection team can deliver the most accurate results for properties located throughout the El Paso and Las Cruces, NM market. Our knowledge and experience in the field of real estate inspections can make us a valuable resource for investors and corporate enterprises looking to acquire commercial property. Integrity Property Inspections offers the comprehensive services you need to achieve a higher degree of success and confidence.

Shopping Center / Retail Store Fronts / Tenant Inspections

Triple net leases transfer the cost of all repair and maintenance work to the lessee. This makes procuring a commercial inspection in El Paso and Las Cruces, more important than ever. Get a tenant inspection today to reduce liability and risk.

Apartment and Multi-Unit Structures

We conduct thousands of apartment unit inspections every year and we are the premier inspection firm to complete your “Due Diligence” on time and complete.  From a four-plex to 400+ Unit complexes we can complete your inspection accurately. Every unit available for inspection is fully inspected. All inspections include cost analysis for repairs and our referral program for local trusted contractors will save you money.

Managing a residential block of condos or apartment complexes is an important task — finding the perfect tenants, keeping up with maintenance, and planning for future costs and improvements are all very involved processes. Let the pros at Integrity Property Inspections do a proper condo or apartment inspection to ensure everything is up to date and in working condition.

Warehouse and Industrial Buildings

From 4000 square feet to 140,000 square feet. Integrity Property Inspections can complete your commercial / warehouse inspection giving you the peace of mind you are acquiring a property that will meet you needs.

Facilities Management

Business and property owners often find themselves trying to juggle multiple tasks throughout the day. Afraid you’re going to drop something important? Let the expert facilities management team at Integrity Property Inspections manage those day-to-day tasks of building maintenance and repairs for you. Contact us today to schedule a time for us to come and assess your property maintenance needs.

The key to a successful business is management of time and resources, as well as the know-how to do things properly. As a company that specializes in commercial inspections and facilities management and maintenance in Houston, Titans does just that to make sure your business is running on all cylinders. We’ll create for you a detailed schedule of regular maintenance tasks and even do most repairs and chores for you. Our facilities management services include the following tasks:

  • General property repairs
    and part replacements
  • Janitorial work
  • HVAC and heating work
  • Roof maintenance
  • Grounds upkeep
  • Property and building inspections
  • And more

Managing your property can be all consuming, but our professional property maintenance crew will help relieve some of the burdens by keeping your property functioning at its best, which ultimately opens up your schedule for other important tasks. We also perform reserve studies, so our clients are fully funded for future repairs and updates.

Services for Vacant Buildings and Lots

Customizing your property maintenance service is what we do best, especially for those who own vacant buildings and properties. Whether your facility requires light or heavy maintenance, we can accommodate. From weatherization to nightly security services to weekly landscaping, we cater to your needs. Just ask, and we’ll deliver.