Energy Audits

Tired of paying $300, $400 or more on electricity bills every month??

El Paso Electric is making a fortune on high priced electricity.

Find out how you can save hundreds and improve the efficiency of your home.

RX-DK-DIY016003_home-exterior-labeled_s4x3.jpg.rend_.hgtvcom.1280.960-300x225Step 1 – Exterior Inspection

The entire outside perimeter of the home, including building orientation and vegetation affecting shade and windbreak, are inspected. We are looking for potential air leakage, including doors, windows, skylights, roofing, chimneys, attic, siding, and heating/air-conditioning units.

The exterior inspection of your home includes evaluating the general condition and construction and for any safety issues that may exist.

milwaukeeBasementInspection-300x199Step 2 – Interior Inspection

Every energy consultant performs a complete interior inspection from your dirt floor crowd-space to the tightest areas of your attic. We’ll go to areas of your home that you may have never seen. We will check each room throughout your house. Your professional interior consultant will analyze your existing household appliances to see how we can improve the efficiency of your home with our comprehensive home energy audit.

First Floor – Inspect thermostats, seals, glazing, weather stripping and locking mechanisms of windows and doors, and any floor anomalies.

Upper Floors – Inspect attic for seals and insulation around hatches, lighting fixtures, ventilation ducts, fans and ceiling anomalies.

Basement – Inspect for age and fitness all appliances including washer, dryer (all connecting hoses), water heater, furnace, basement wall, and all air ducts for sealing and insulation.

78493051_XS-300x200Step 3 – Combustion Safety Test

The combustion safety test is an important part of the Energy Assessment. We will check for gas leaks or carbon monoxide spilling into your home and the efficiency of your equipment. We will test every pipe and every fitting to ensure they are sealed properly. We will measure the Carbon Monoxide flow from your equipment and ensure that it falls within acceptable levels.

Step 4 – Inspection Equipment used for Infrared and Blower Door Testing

Blower Door Test


We will install a special door fitted with a very powerful fan (blower) to suck air from the house, causing it to depressurize.  Special monitors will track the amount of air that enters the home through cracks, seams, drafts and other holes in the building’s enclosure.  This blower door test will also measure the quality of the indoor air and any moisture or condensation problems.

Imagine having a window in your house that never closes. By conducting the blower door test, we measure your home’s air leaks and determine the size of the “window”. We calculate the amount of loss based on the size of your home and occupancy rate and compare that to what the actual blower door results show in Cubic feet per Minute (CPM). The ability to improve the airtightness of your home will allow you to maintain a healthy air exchange.

Thermal Imaging


With Infrared Thermal-imaging captures, our energy consultants can graphically display and photograph the insulation levels and cold or hot spots within your walls. You will be amazed when you see when you are missing insulation how much heat loss exists in the winter and how much summer heat enters your home. The thermal image of your home is a road map that enables energy audit contractors to successfully apply insulation to the most critical areas of your home.

Step 5 – Homestar Energy Audit Report


Your home energy auditor will compile a comprehensive report detailing the areas in your residence that can be repaired, insulated and sealed to boost your energy efficiency.  The Homestar report will also outline repairs to your heating and cooling appliances or recommend replacements.

Step 6 – Repairing, Replacing, Relaxing

With your energy audit report in hand, you can choose to do the recommended repairs yourself or hire a contractor to do the work.  Integrity Inspections works with Licensed and Bonded Contractors and can assist you in the repair process to ensure it is done right.

Once the repairs are done you will enjoy energy savings in the range of 10-40% depending on the condition of your house before the audit.  You can feel satisfaction in saving money, saving energy and saving the earth – all at the same time!

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