Termite Inspections

Integrity Pest and Termite conducts all Termite Inspections. Fully licensed in Texas and New Mexico we bring you the service and expertise you expect from Integrity. Texas License CA TDA #0816930 – New Mexico License NMDA #67418. We cover all of El Paso, Las Cruces, Ruidoso, Alamogordo, Cloudcroft, Alto and surrounding areas.

We will schedule your termite inspection at the same time as your home inspection. No calling around trying to arrange schedules.  Leave everything to us.

Why is it important to have Termite Inspection?

Your home is probably the largest purchase you will ever make. It is a huge investment, and wood destroying insects such as subterranean termites can destroy it.

Integrity Pest and Termite provide termite treatments for existing homes, pre-construction treatments, and termite inspection reports (Texas Official Wood Destroying Insect Report) approved by all mortgage lenders, including VA and FHA loans. Call us today for all of your Termite Inspections and Pest Treatment needs in El Paso / Las Cruces areas.

Post-construction Termite Treatments

There are a number of reasons you might want to consider having your home treated for termites. Maybe you saw swarming reproductive adult termites flying out from the foundation of your home, or you noticed some damage to your drywall or baseboards. Or perhaps you noticed termites in your wood pile and you want to be proactive and treat your home before an infestation occurs. Regardless of your reason, call us so we can discuss your options. We will give you a customized estimate based on your unique property.

Since subterranean termites invade your home from the soil, we focus on creating a continuous vertical pesticide barrier around the entire exterior of your home. This involves digging a trench around the exterior and filling it up with a top quality liquid termiticide. Concrete slab directly abutting the house is drilled into to make holes large enough to perform a sub-slab injection of the termiticide. By doing this, termite colonies already inside the home will contact the barrier as they move in and out of the house, and new colonies will be prevented from gaining entry. We also treat damaged areas inside the home by injecting foam termiticide directly into the walls. Our treatments are very thorough, and our crew usually completes the job in 4-6 hours.

Pre-construction Termite Treatments

A common practice in modern construction is to treat foundation soil with an approved termiticide before the concrete slab is poured. Treating the entire area underneath a structure makes it very difficult for subterranean termites to enter the structure from the ground. Since the treated soil is protected from the elements after the concrete is poured, the treatment can remain effective for years due to the slow break down of the termiticide.

We also offer an option to treat the bare stubs with a termiticide that will prevent infestations. This is done immediately after framing and before the drywall or siding is installed.

Termites thrive in El Paso’s sandy soil, making pre-construction termite treatments extremely important. If you are building a home, tell your contractor you want a pre-construction treatment, and then call us to schedule it!

Termite Inspection Reports

Termite inspection reports are sometimes required by mortgage lenders. Even if your lender doesn’t require the “Texas Official Wood Destroying Insect Report”, it’s a good idea you get an inspection done before purchasing a home. Termite damage can lead to costly repairs. Let our trained technicians pinpoint any potential problem areas so that you can be a better informed buyer.